Video Gallery

A few samples of video work I've done over the years.

Long Drive Commercial

I scripted and edited this commercial

Tidbit on Covid

This is a series i created to help push out information. This one was on TBI's.

This is what we do

This is a series to promote jobs in the county and to highlight employees. I have filmed and edited over 20 of these so far.


This is a PSA I revamped with footage i filmed when i was asked to update it.

History Month Series

This is one of over 50 videos i created exploring historical figures. This one was one of 4 made for Black history month in 2021. I scripted each one and found photos of the figures to create slideshows for social media.

Queen of Hearts

I covered The queen of hearts honors in a philidephia art gallery. This was promo I created from the footage.

Camera Reel

My camera reel shows projects I've worked on as the person behind the camera ranging from independent projects to on local sets.

Tween It Magazine

I setup and created a series of short films for this company as seen on their YouTube page.

Peace 2 the puzzle

A promo video created for this singing group as they release a new album.

Behind the scenes

This is a behind the scene look at a session in the studio.

Here for today

I filmed the bts of an independently made music video.

Death Speech (2011)

I wrote the script for this Graduation project in college. My script was chosen produced an filmed by my class. This was the end result.

Shoreline young

This is a promotional video for my teen magazine. The magazine is also owned by me and can be found here. I did video and editing as well as graphics.


Quick promo for a contest set to music. I did video and editing as well as typography graphics.

Clothing store

This is a promo crated for an online clothing store. I did video and editing as well as custom graphics.


Screen test for music video. prelieminary edit of an un released music video

Hood to Hollywood screen test

I did the preliminary edit of this unreleased show for an overnight screen test to pitch.